“THE STORY OF AGES!” a.k.a.: “Another Day At ‘The Races!!’“ Saturday: February 17, 2018! I was done with my work day – and arrived after “six!” And my wife! She was there – and we kissed! I was “fixed!” ‘Cause I got me a hug – and her kisses? DIVINE! I relaxed in “my chair,” and I sipped on some wine. And dinner was cooking, as I lit up my pipe, And smoke then encircled the room. What a “type,” Of American culture! It’s our-“family:” The doggies and kitties, they gathered ‘round me! And said: “How ya doin’?” And they licked me purr-ty, Especially our calico – her name is Bertie! So, relaxing, I heard “Honey’s” voice; it’s so fine, “How was the day, Texas (Cow)boy?” Then, we’ll dine. “Well, you know, it was great! The car’s knockin’ a bit! I saw our friend Brian – he’s really ‘a wit!’ Vance needed ‘tending,’ so I gave him a ride! And poor Ellen’s sinuses! Well, I’m sure she’ll abide! I went to the market; got coffee and fruit, With lunch at ‘St. Anne’s,’ a fund-raiser, ‘to boot!’ “Oh! More-mundane-things, Dear; come, come, let us eat! So-you’ve-been-running-around! Later on, soak your feet!!” But I smiled a bit, as we prayed at the table: “Mundane?!” I thought; what a silly ol’ label! Because, behind scenes, is a tale untold, In our lives, in our lives, which are worth more than gold, So, what REALLY happened? Well, let

me just say: And, then, you all tell me – about my dull day! (1) When I stepped out the door, and The Son Hit My Face! And angels and demons, both did embrace; (2) I was carried to Hell – where Brian and Vance, Were chained and imprisoned; so, I taught them to dance! (3) And poor Ellen’s nose – had-been attacked by a fairy, An evil old gal – who was NOT very merry; So I bargained with her, with my coffee and berries, To let Ellen live – an high price breathing carries; (4) I left Hades’ smoke, to seek out St. Anne, Who was dining on nectar – and she had a plan: To raise 7 BILLION! Dollars, my friend, So we could feed millions and help the world mend! (5) And each person today that I saw on “the street,” Was an angel disguised! With much love did we meet! (6) And, when I returned to our little old home, I’d been gone for millennia, And YOU ARE A GNOME! (7) And I AM a sprite, whose name is Ben-J, And our pets? They are guardians! And they all shout: “Hooray!” ‘Cause, when I arrive, they know I’ve gone long, And-at-the-end-of-the-day, well, this is my song: (8) I LOVE YOU, MY DARLING! MY ANGEL AND WIFE, YOU ARE THE CENTER, OF MY “MUNDANE” LIFE, AND “BORING”-IS-PERSPECTIVE THAT SLUMBERS WITH TIME, AND “THE STORY OF AGES,” IS THE NAME OF OUR RHYME! fin. <3


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  1. O. M. G. That QUIK STORY video should go “viral!” (It really, really is spectacular! You deserve a prize for such fantastic video work! Really!) AND . . . Jessica Alba – reminds me a lot of . . . YOU! Little, sexy, provocative Mimy! VERY FINE POST, MyDaz! Are you married – or, just, waiting! for that special “someone,” whether male, female (or otherwise – like – alien or mutated) to come along – and sweep you: (1) off your feet; (2) under the rug; (3) clean! Prepared for (an) unfathomable sexual encounter(s); (4) other; (5) none of the above; or (6) a combination of “the above selections!?” Let me know! Yours In Crime, Stevie T.

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