β€œTHE VALUE OF ADVICE!!” 02/19/2018 (Moo-n-Day)

The-longer-you-live, you might just find,

There’s more advice – for you to β€œmind!”

Like: β€œSTUDY HARD!” Whatever that is!

For HARD’s so hard! It’s like the fizz,

In your soda-pop or sparkly-stuff,

You can’t-really-know


So, you could work yourself to fret,

And, then, just β€œblow” big tests, I bet!

Or β€œNEVER LOOK BACK!” Now, what’s that mean?

It’s (one-of)-the-silliest-phrase(s) I’ve ever seen!

People INTERPRET (it): β€œDon’t return –

To anything that you might spurn!

Or think that you have β€˜risen above!’”

Like-the-sacred-religion of β€œThe Dove!”*

It’s like a Jew, who has β€œgone Buddhist,”

And avoids tradition, like a nudist!

Thing is! SOMETIMES! You might wear clothes!

Like – in the Baptist Church, I think, me knows!

Or, if you get a fine invite, to a MASS on Saturday night,

The roof, for sure, will NOT cave in!

Just because of all your β€œsin!”

That you’ve compiled, since your β€œdropping,”

Of The Eucharist – or bad corn-popping!**

NOW – offers of advice are fine,

But, sometimes, people really whine,

That you’re not properly applying,

THEM – and-so-you-hear-this-crying!

From even studied, learned folk,

Who with-so-much-advice, can’t-take-a-joke!

THE THING IS: Advice becomes SERIOUS (ass),

When we are

No longer curious,

To consider WHAT IT really might say,

To apply nothing



So, with much β€œsalt,”


All advice, John Galt,

And apply with-a-little-”common-sense,”


Is worth

About two pence! πŸ™‚

fin. <3

    • Christian Churches that like to really emphasize β€œThe Holy Spirit,” by focusing on spiritual β€œgifts,” the sin against IT, the reception of IT and the horrific situation of those without IT!! πŸ™‚ Now, I am not condemning or condoning such religious policies, but people can get a little carried away sometimes! We all do – with all sorts of stuff, since we are such crazy rascals, me thinks! πŸ™‚

** – Some folks avoid ALL corn products, for fear they might be consuming poisonous β€œGMO Corn,” which is corn that is genetically modified, altering the structure seemingly naturally occurring β€œin nature.” Now, I am not condemning or condoning such attitudes, but people can get a little carried away sometimes! πŸ™‚

β€œForgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it!” Mark Twain, a.k.a.: Samuel Langhorne Clemens.


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