“PEARL OF GREAT PRICE!!” written for K, Wednesday – 02/07/2018

THEY say we all need 12-a-day, Babies die from lack, they say!

“Do-not leave infants with no touch,To be real happy, please get much!

IF-you-find-a-baby, with a frown, Or dark complected, always down,

Just say, “Hey, Baby – I Love You!” And listen to that little coo,

That comes when baby is held nice, And kissed!

“A Pearl Of Great Price!”

Well, now, just think – What of today? Did you get huggies ? kisses? Hey?!

Sometimes the day is pretty sad! And, when you count the hugs you had,

It comes to not a very lot!! (pause) Sometimes none?! So, don’t get caught,

Without some-touches, for-SPECIAL-YOU!

Please give you some! I beg you to!


fin. <3