Nonsensical “Opinion” Not required in a Court Of Law😂

“ANOTHER BAD OPINION!” Toosday – February 27th.

Women aren’t-”educa(t)able,” MEN SELDOM ARE,

(You) Can fill MOST with info – but-that-won’t-take-you-t00-far –

There’s just EDUCATION, which, rightfully done –

Just-teaches: WE’RE-(ALL)-A-MESS! That’s (all) (right), Honey Bun!

Now – we-ALL-is-a-mess and some might (it) DECLARE:

But REAL Education hits,

Hits – way down “there!”

A truly enlightened (big ol’ L. O. L.) and sensible guy,


Does not have to try,

He IS a mess, and he knows that’s the case,

But most folks, my honey – won’t eve®n embrace!*

fin. ❤

Postlude! Now, sinfulness – THAT is NOT being a mess; Sin is a concept – embraced by Rud. Hess! Sin is a critical, arguing snake! Being a mess? (Only) NATURAL(e) – (for) goodness’ sake! 🙂

    • the concept! 🙂