In The Arms Of Love ♥️

“30 DAYS!” Woden’s Day = The last of February, 28, 2018 …

A lengthy hospital visit can be taxing, this I say,

Body lax, stress in mind – Where’s a happy day?

It’s been said that (pause)


And, when we’re locked inside a room, it’s hard for us to “strive,”

And keep the body happy, with exercise and sun!

Sometimes! Appearance-suffers,

‘Cause we’re laying (at lot) on our bum!* 🙂

So, when our “discharge papers,”


Perhaps here is some quaint advice, to follow IF we’re able:

(1) It’s been said that 30 DAYS can get us back in action! Just 30-days of-a-little-thing-can-give-us-lots-of-”traction;”

(2) To get “in shape,” just pick a practice, like goin’ ‘round the block! AND DO IT (pause) EVEN IF (pause) it’s pretty hard to walk – Because it strengths bod and mind, to know that you’ve a will – AND, I’ll wager, when you’re done, there’ll be a little thrill;

(3) Now, sit down with your body (pause) as a trusted friend, and say: “You know?! I’m sorry! BUT-the-hospital-stay-did-end! AND – NOW – we-get-to-re-activate, although it may be hard, but we can do it, you and me, and you’re my precious ‘pard!’ And we can move with dance and song, and I’ll massage you new, With finest oils of lavender** – and we’ll get some-nice sleep too! And-a-happy-body, with a happy mind, is what we’re shooting for! But EASY DOES IT, my good friend, to resurrect our ‘core!’ “

(4) And we won’t do no diet, at least not one severe. We’ll eat and drink real simple – might even have a beer!*** but this, I promise, my dear friend, to give you some fine fuel, so we can do our “30 days,” and do them real cool; and

(5) We’ll-get-to-bed-at-a-decent-hour and not use (the) phone SO MUCH (pause) that it disrupts the day (pause) and becomes a silly crutch! This will help “the tone” (pause) of life and love, I say!

So, this advice, I give to all, to recoup from a stay,

At your favorite hospital! You-can-always-find-a-way,



I love YOU!

Your friend,

“Jay!” 🙂

fin. ❤

  • “I love a good bum lifter, don’t you!” The Mystic Poet.

** – or whatever oils you like!

*** – or not – let it be up to your body’s hunger/appetites … perhaps ½ beer is good – or, even, a “near beer!!” 🙂