“Don’t Touch Me There

“THEN I MET YOU!!” 02/27/18 Tue.

I used to be a “NORMAL” guy –

Did “normal” things –

Ate “normal pie!

Occasionally, I’d even lie!

I left my cell phone at the house [ ]

I was so Free! Without a spouse!

I had no “woman” for-to hound,

Me into – taking-(my)-mobile-’round!

I had my – dignity – I WAS NO PAWN,

You know, I really, (really) was JUST GONE!

I ate and drank – what I derned please,

And learned about “the birds & bees,”

From “normal” place(s) – like the bars,

And the-backish-seats-of-many-a-cars,

NOW, thru horrid eyes, I watch-myself-Do-things-all-right,

Yes, now I’ll take the phone along – you’ll call both day and night,

And, I, with slobber in my mouth – And love lights in my eyes –


And eat “abnormal” pies!

fin. ❤