Lost 👣👣👣

“RHYMING, OVER A CHANCE MEETING IN THE INNER CITY!” a.k.a.: “I Dreamed I Got Lost – And So Is Everyone Else, But They Have Forgotten How Lost They Are! I Haven’t!” a.k.a.: “Isn’t Life Grand?” a.k.a.: “My Finger’s Hurt Too!” a.k.a.: “We Could Always Have A Baby – Here! I Found One!”

Moon-day, 02/26/18.

Knock, knock – you there? Are you in therE? o

Yes, I’m in here, and the room is so barE! ~

I’m coming in, and I think this key workS! ‘Twas quite a day;

A lot of mean “jerkS!!” o

This room is so bare! ~

Who, who, are yoU? o

I can’t remember – I haven’t a cluE! I bumped my head! ~

Why’re you in my smocK? o

I forgot where I lived, and my key fit your locK! ~

I’m terrified! o

Me too! ~

This room is so smalL! o ~

Why’s your foot bleeding? o

I can’t make a calL.

I hurt it. ~

I’m scared, and I lost my phone toO! o

Mine is long gone – I guess we’ll “make do!”

I’m real weak! So, I couldn’t hurt yoU! ~

I really don’t care; my name is Sweet SuE! o

Well, like I said, Sue, “I don’t know my name!” ~

Well, yea, OK, yea, it’s all just the same. o

I don’t know what time ‘tis, and life is a rhyme. ~

Who really cares? I think it’s day time. o

fin. ❤