Water Under The Bridge

“WATER DOWN!” 02/25/2018 (Sunday)

IF something’s “not right?” DRINK SOME WATER!

Feel upright? DRINK SOME WATER!

Water, water, everywhere – have a drop to drink!

From the store, machine or bottle – even from the sink!

(Ya) Can’t go wrong with water, guys,

It will refresh and clear your eyes!

Retain some water – It’s good to hold!

A little water’ll make you bold!

Hydrate the skin – you might just find,

A nicer day! It’s NOT “a grind!”

A glass or 2 when you get up,

Before bed time- another cup!

A glass at meals – or at High Noon,

For YOU, will surely be a “boon!”

A drink of water, it is so easy,

So you can feel light and breezy!

fin. ❤