– Oh, Pretty Woman ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Mix – Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssXAkg0bV6o&list=RDssXAkg0bV6o

“WHO KNOWS!” a.k.a.: “WOW Girl!” Sunday 02/25/2018

Who knows why I-prefer-you-so,

I don’t care, and you don’t know!

You can stare-in-the-mirror and ask: “Why? Why? AM I an angel – in your eye!?”

It’s so particular – and many are pretty,

There’s such variety of kitty!

Black hair? Brown – blonde – and – red,

That shape! This shape! I’ve always said:

“A type for Jack! A type for Ray!

And the-type-for-you? Who’s to say?!”

BUT – when she comes, you know it’s so,

You just fit – with THIS fine doe!

For SOME strange reason! DIVINE WILL?

Some strange reason – you feel a thrill!

Other girls can NOT inspire,

BUT – it doesn’t mean that you’re a liar,

When you tell,


Other girl,

She has got a pretty curl,

BUT – there’s A GIRL who has it ALL –

And she’s the one – for whom you “fall!”

fin. ❤