Poem, entitled: “DRAGONS WELCOME!” Long ago in Brewster County lived a dragon with a bounty . . . Bounty! of a zillion dollars on his head: he whoops & hollers! ‘Til one day, St. George would dance, with his armor, shield and lance – Danced right in / to that Domain, Scared the dragon half insane! As he readied to behead . . . the poor dragon . . . and make it dead – He yelled out his victory cry: “By Lancelot’s Steed,You will Die!” – The dragon spoke up and said: “Jose, do you know Lance’s horse of gray?” “Why, of course,” St. George replied- “Lance’s horse I often ride – – – ” “Well, that horse – he’s my cousin BOB! If you kill me – I’m sure he’ll sob!” “Well, OK,” he said; “don’t fret, dear . . .I’ll let you go – Just . . . disappear! Perhaps the county over there – Presidio, is what I hear – So, that fine dragon (the last of his kin) went to Marfa and opened an inn! And called it H.S.G. . . . you know . . . To honor George, who let him go! They often visit at the pub, George and Dragon, they’re a club . . . A “Members Only” enterprise: DRAGONS WELCOME, any size! The Mystic Poet wrides again . . . .🙄