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Poem, entitled: “DRAGONS WELCOME!” Long ago in Brewster County lived a dragon with a bounty . . . Bounty! of a zillion dollars on his head: he whoops & hollers! ‘Til one day, St. George would dance, with his armor, shield and lance – Danced right in / to that Domain, Scared the dragon half insane! As he readied to behead . . . the poor dragon . . . and make it dead – He yelled out his victory cry: “By Lancelot’s Steed,You will Die!” – The dragon spoke up and said: “Jose, do you know Lance’s horse of gray?” “Why, of course,” St. George replied- “Lance’s horse I often ride – – – ” “Well, that horse – he’s my cousin BOB! If you kill me – I’m sure he’ll sob!” “Well, OK,” he said; “don’t fret, dear . . .I’ll let you go – Just . . . disappear! Perhaps the county over there – Presidio, is what I hear – So, that fine dragon (the last of his kin) went to Marfa and opened an inn! And called it H.S.G. . . . you know . . . To honor George, who let him go! They often visit at the pub, George and Dragon, they’re a club . . . A “Members Only” enterprise: DRAGONS WELCOME, any size! The Mystic Poet wrides again . . . .🙄

– Oh, Pretty Woman ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Mix – Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman:

“WHO KNOWS!” a.k.a.: “WOW Girl!” Sunday 02/25/2018

Who knows why I-prefer-you-so,

I don’t care, and you don’t know!

You can stare-in-the-mirror and ask: “Why? Why? AM I an angel – in your eye!?”

It’s so particular – and many are pretty,

There’s such variety of kitty!

Black hair? Brown – blonde – and – red,

That shape! This shape! I’ve always said:

“A type for Jack! A type for Ray!

And the-type-for-you? Who’s to say?!”

BUT – when she comes, you know it’s so,

You just fit – with THIS fine doe!

For SOME strange reason! DIVINE WILL?

Some strange reason – you feel a thrill!

Other girls can NOT inspire,

BUT – it doesn’t mean that you’re a liar,

When you tell,


Other girl,

She has got a pretty curl,

BUT – there’s A GIRL who has it ALL –

And she’s the one – for whom you “fall!”

fin. ❤

Water Under The Bridge

“WATER DOWN!” 02/25/2018 (Sunday)

IF something’s “not right?” DRINK SOME WATER!

Feel upright? DRINK SOME WATER!

Water, water, everywhere – have a drop to drink!

From the store, machine or bottle – even from the sink!

(Ya) Can’t go wrong with water, guys,

It will refresh and clear your eyes!

Retain some water – It’s good to hold!

A little water’ll make you bold!

Hydrate the skin – you might just find,

A nicer day! It’s NOT “a grind!”

A glass or 2 when you get up,

Before bed time- another cup!

A glass at meals – or at High Noon,

For YOU, will surely be a “boon!”

A drink of water, it is so easy,

So you can feel light and breezy!

fin. ❤

Angel of the Morning 🎀🎀🎀

“STUPID ANGELS!” Sunday: Feb. 25, 2018

Angels! Stupid Angels! With jealous eyes,

Listening to-us daily,

(as we’re) Making our “Le-Sighs!”

Wishing For

An ounce of passion,

Or True Love – or-to-wear-a-fashion!

Perhaps an angel can not hope for a better day,

Or seek out – a special, a better way,

But – the price of hope and will and seeking,

Is torment – possibly – and the hurts we’re keeping,

Because we can’t let go so well,

Because, unlike angels, we’re stuck-in-our-cell,

Of sorrow and extreme times of pain,

Times which are,

For us, a bane,

Of our existence, BUT –

At least we-can-feel,

Things so deeply that we might reel!

NOW – angels must find emotions queer,

And, from our deepest feelings, we tend to steer (away),

Because the pain and anguish of a mind,

Is tortuous – and it’s hard to find,


Yet angels might prefer to be,

Deep in sorrow and sympathy,



fin. ❤

All I Want Is You”

“SEXUAL VIEWPOINTS!” 02/25/2018 Sunday

(I) True?!

You turn me on – you’re my sex toy!


Your eyes I see (pause)

in my dream,

The sexiest and lovely team,

You turn me on – you have “the knack!”

To activate,


YOUR look and voice – make (my) juices flow,

And, when you stroke me “down below,”

Your touch and smell, they comfort me,

To states of joyful ecstasy,

Your scent! Your touch! Your look!

I’m lost,

In YOUR embrace – at any cost! Without you here, what would I do?

Without you here, I’d be so blue!

(II) True 2, two, too?!

I-have-attracted you to ME,

So you’ll catalyze my Heart to be,

So filled with love, yet always full,

You are MY archetype, my bull,

My wild stallion!


I’ve called you here, with MY Heart Key!

You’re MY reflection – the-perfect-type,

Of lover needed!

I gently wipe,

All tears of sorrow, with MY hand,


fin. ❤