Check this out: ‘A R T O F G R E G M A R T I N’

Check this out: ‘A R T O F G R E G M A R T I N’ –!i+r



“GIVE ME PEACE!” Friday, February 23, 2018.

I WANT PEACE! Every day!

I WANT PIECE! In every way!

I want IT NOW – and I want it forever,

PEACE! Why? How? I’m so clever!

Liberty! I spit on you!

Idiot people! Why do you do?

Things that disrupt and upset and uproot?

I WANT SOME PEACE! Peace is not moot!

An angel appeared – Her name is DAWN!

She said: “Peace is SO boring!”

Then she was gone! 🙂

fin. <3


“what would you want in a perfect world?”

As a Lobyist in three States Of Australia 🇦🇺

This quote above was always the opening phrase of an unintelligent Politican (keep in mind these folk have no Formal Education in Science) 😛

“One”used to quote John Lennon ” if their were no Countries, and no made Relgion do you believe it would be a PERFECT WORLD”,

The room would be perfectly positioned in 💭 thought.

It is your chance to write a beautiful story for your lifetime. Would you for one moment in your lifetime understand what your perfect would be.

PEACEKEEPERS every where give their lives for Peace ✌️.

Peace is found within your own life and dreams.

Peace is achievable one day by you smiling, at someone each day. You can accurately measure your own soul by smiling, waving, being gracious and to all your friends and family and colleagues.

Feel the calm and peace of mind you need.

You will never walk alone by yourself others will follow you 😊 as they are all well and truly enjoy the opportunity to meet your individual needs and friends family. This is known as leading by example.

Wouldn’t that be a Wonderful world of Peace. 🇦🇺

The Prince of Peace,

“PLAY ON, WIZARD!” Saturday February 24th 2018

From ancients texts – and “channels” too, a tale of voice and song for you:

There lived, in humble splendor ”there,”

A man of lute,

Who traveled where,

Strife and hatred – ruled-the-day,

He would lodge and sing, they say,

With his strings that he had brought,

And calm the Hearts that might be caught!

Kings and rustic soldiers met –

At sundry outposts, and they’d set,

And listen to his fine refrains,

With tears of joy to heal their pains.

He never said to “lay down arms,”

But sang with kind, forgiving charms,

Yet, many left their “posts” of war,

Returning to their family’s door,

Unfit to fight another day,

And it was heard that some would say:

“When songs-of-love impact The Heart,

From hate and strife, you’re forced to part,

And seek another way of life,

Perhaps to gain a loving wife.”

This player of the lute was sought,

By warrior kings and those who fought,

To silence his impetuous style,

For He depleted rank and file,

By moving stoic lads to tears,

Making bold by easing fears,

His enemies, they-did seek to kill (him),

But DEATH succumbs to sacred will

So, He kept singing all the same,

The Prince of Peace, it was His Name!

fin. <3

Bleeding 💋 💋 lips 💋

“PAINT CHIPS!” 02/23/18 Fry-DAY.


IF “paint-chips” get in-the-paint?

Should we, then, start all over?

I say: “NO! WE (really) (SH)AIN’T!”


And see what’ll happen – let’s light us some fires!

And see where they go, to, maybe, burn-up (some) debris,

Of-a-thousand and a thousand


We’ve invited Donald Trump!no 😛

And Roseanne-we-won’t Barr,

And (we’ll) bring in Hitler’s Ghost,

And, of course, Ringo Starr!

And we’ll sit all around –

And we’ll all paint with chips,

And call it awl “TEXTURED!”

And kiss “bleeding lips!”*

fin. <3

    • or is it HEARTS! 🙂

!” Freya’s Day: Feb. 23, 2018 Ants in your pants 👖 👋😂🤔🔜

“YAY! THE ANTS HAVE RETURNED!” Freya’s Day: Feb. 23, 2018

I’ve checked ALL month – January-too!

And-there-were-no-ants, for me and you!

The alley –

In Back,

It was so bare,

So, I “rent my clothes and shaved my hair (kinda!),

I prayed to-The-God of


Still –


I was so blue!


Just today!

I noticed there,


The Fence,

Yes, I did stare:

A precious ant – or two – or three,

Was scurrying,

For-me to see! 🙂

I was so happy; I jumped for joy,

Just like when-I was-a-little-boy!

And I’m-sure all-my-friends will gather here:


And Bill

And Phil, so dear!



fin. <3