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“CLEAR VISION!” a.k.a.: “Texas Cowboys Can See Forever!” a.k.a.: “Reversing Vision Loss!” Thursday: 02/22, 2018 Painting of actor JOHN WAYNE: entitled: “Red River Wrangler,” from the movie RED RIVER.

You can stare at The Sun – Yes, that might assist,

But, maybe, then, Darling – sunspots could persist!

Or lots of massage – or a special-made ointment,

Or eye exercises – or a visual appointment,

Or, maybe, some glasses – or to-look-far-away,

Or – roll-your-eyes-around, in some special way!

OR –

{Here’s MY prescription:}

(1) Find someone who’ll FIT (pause) and

(2) Look for tomorrow – with hope and TRUE GRIT!

(3) Hope for THE BEST – and things will be fine!

Texas has stars, for your Valentine!

So, hope for the best – and your eyes can thwart fate!

(4) Pray-for magical tears!


fin. ❤


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