Mr Lucky 🦆 Duck 🐞

“SO LUCKY OMG!” a.k.a.: “Passion! Remorse! Passion! Remorse! Repeat, As Necessary!” Thor’s Day 02/22/2018.

O. M. G. IT’S MY WOMAN! Filled with passion-and-remorse!

And I’m just this guy! (pause)

Bree(a)th – ing-much-like-a-horse!

I’m YOUR wild stallion, filled-with-piss-blood-and-gall,

And you’ve vinegar, on your fingers! You are such a doll!

And – I neigh a lot (pause)


And SHE smiles at me,

And then-we-are-cuddling-with-great-dignity,

We’re SO filled with passion,

Yet, we chew on remorse!

SHE smiles A LOT – and I smile back, of course!

Because-I-find-her – SO VERY ATTRACTIVE,

And we are both floating – HIGHLY REACTIVE!

Reacting to a mutual, black magic spell,

THEY tell me (pause)

That such things are sent straight from HELL!!

To send us both reeling, to dark Hades’ door,

In Dante’ INFERNO – and we just want more!

And – we wonder – how

Ever we got SO DARN LUCKY!

It’s Heaven on Earth!

When we do the big [ ] !

fin. ❤