Watch “The Lips and Kiss and Sin Scene From Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet (1968)” on YouTube

Take, oh take those lips away,
That so sweetly were forsworn,
And those eyes: the break of day,
Lights that do mislead the Morn;
But my kisses bring again, bring again,

Seals of love, but sealed in vain, sealed in vain.

Here’s a poem by William Shakespeare

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I wish I could remember that first day,
First hour, first moment of your meeting me,
If bright or dim the season, it might be
Summer or Winter for aught I can say;
So unrecorded did it slip away,
So blind was I to see and to foresee,
So dull to mark the budding of my tree
That would not blossom for many a May
If only I could recollect it, such
A day of days! I let it come and go
As traceless as a thaw of bygone snow;
It seemed to mean so little, meant so much;
If only now I could recall that touch,
First touch of hand in hand – Did one but know!

Here’s a poem by Christina Rossetti entitled “Monna Innominata”

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“CLEAR VISION!” a.k.a.: “Texas Cowboys Can See Forever!” a.k.a.: “Reversing Vision Loss!” Thursday: 02/22, 2018 Painting of actor JOHN WAYNE: entitled: “Red River Wrangler,” from the movie RED RIVER.

You can stare at The Sun – Yes, that might assist,

But, maybe, then, Darling – sunspots could persist!

Or lots of massage – or a special-made ointment,

Or eye exercises – or a visual appointment,

Or, maybe, some glasses – or to-look-far-away,

Or – roll-your-eyes-around, in some special way!

OR –

{Here’s MY prescription:}

(1) Find someone who’ll FIT (pause) and

(2) Look for tomorrow – with hope and TRUE GRIT!

(3) Hope for THE BEST – and things will be fine!

Texas has stars, for your Valentine!

So, hope for the best – and your eyes can thwart fate!

(4) Pray-for magical tears!


fin. <3

Mr Lucky 🦆 Duck 🐞

“SO LUCKY OMG!” a.k.a.: “Passion! Remorse! Passion! Remorse! Repeat, As Necessary!” Thor’s Day 02/22/2018.

O. M. G. IT’S MY WOMAN! Filled with passion-and-remorse!

And I’m just this guy! (pause)

Bree(a)th – ing-much-like-a-horse!

I’m YOUR wild stallion, filled-with-piss-blood-and-gall,

And you’ve vinegar, on your fingers! You are such a doll!

And – I neigh a lot (pause)


And SHE smiles at me,

And then-we-are-cuddling-with-great-dignity,

We’re SO filled with passion,

Yet, we chew on remorse!

SHE smiles A LOT – and I smile back, of course!

Because-I-find-her – SO VERY ATTRACTIVE,

And we are both floating – HIGHLY REACTIVE!

Reacting to a mutual, black magic spell,

THEY tell me (pause)

That such things are sent straight from HELL!!

To send us both reeling, to dark Hades’ door,

In Dante’ INFERNO – and we just want more!

And – we wonder – how

Ever we got SO DARN LUCKY!

It’s Heaven on Earth!

When we do the big [ ] !

fin. <3

You never will pout! 🐞🐞🐞🐞

“PLEASE! OK?” a.k.a.: “Failure to Strive!” Thursday – Feb. 22, 2018.

There’s no where to go – and I’m NOT going there!

And I’m trying – NOT getting there! (With) barely a care!

I’m moving so SLOWly! –


And I’ve-no-one-to-go-with,

I have NO selection!

So, I’m asking (all) “associates” to just –


Without me (pause)

And, hopefully (pause)

Without a sad poem!!

So, when I don’t get THERE, I’ll know I’ll arrive,

But I’m OK with THAT (pause)

It’s just failure to strive!



‘Cause if-you’re-free-of-all-efforts,

You never will pout!

fin <3


“HUMILITY!” Thursday, Feburary 22, 2018 <3

Humility – may be –


Or saying: “I’m Nothing! Nothing,


So, let’s eat “humble pie,” although – I don’t know why!

But, even so, we might give it a try!

HUMILITY may be – praying,

TO “GOD” –

In thanks –

Or -want,

Or – “Please! May The Cowboys – return that high punt!”

Humility may be going-to-a-

“Robbins’ Seminar!” *

And agreeing (that) HIS stance – is perfectly par (L. O. L.!)

Humility may be – our focused gaze –

At our insignificance –

So confused in This Maze!

Or – humility MAY be –

Saying, “Hi, I’m GOD!” on a dare;

“However, my Darling,


Not sure I care!”

And so please let us go to a nice desert isle!


And I love your sweet smile!

fin. <3

    • Tony Robbins, famous “self-help guru!”