“SEARCHING FOR JESUS!” some poems “bare” repeating! 02/2“ “TOILET PAPER DAY!”TOILET PAPER DAY!” T1/2018. Oh, Dean’s Day! When Wednesday falls on the 21st of February, it is a somewhat Texas tradition to call such an auspicious day “TOILET PAPER DAY!” Therefore, with that in mind, we replant this devious piece of poetic imperfection, to RELIEVE your troubled … bowels! 🙂 – or, whatever else is troubling you! ❤

I looked for Jesus, high and low,

Scanned the sun – Froze in snow!

Went to temples – churches too!

Joined me a cult, a cult or two,

NO WHERE did I find this guy,

And, so, I just began to cry!

And, along the way, some chick came by –

And asked me: “WHY YOU WANNA CRY?”

“I can’t find Jesus,” I replied.

She had a glint in her little eye!

“COME – with me!” she said, with a smile.

AND, after we had walked a while,

She threw me down, and we drank from kegs,

And I found Jesus, ‘tween her legs!*

fin. ❤

    • Remember, in The Gospel of Thomas, you can find Jesus ANYWHERE – in the sticks, the rocks, and, even, the tall, green grass!**

** – of HOME! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytvcdSzzMds