Shoutout to all the people who are trying hard to be more positive and make meaningful changes in their lives and work towards recovery because it’s hard and people definitely don’t say it enough, but focusing on yourself is very difficult & the progress you’re making is valuable. ♥️



“SEARCHING FOR JESUS!” some poems “bare” repeating! 02/2“ “TOILET PAPER DAY!”TOILET PAPER DAY!” T1/2018. Oh, Dean’s Day! When Wednesday falls on the 21st of February, it is a somewhat Texas tradition to call such an auspicious day “TOILET PAPER DAY!” Therefore, with that in mind, we replant this devious piece of poetic imperfection, to RELIEVE your troubled … bowels! 🙂 – or, whatever else is troubling you! <3

I looked for Jesus, high and low,

Scanned the sun – Froze in snow!

Went to temples – churches too!

Joined me a cult, a cult or two,

NO WHERE did I find this guy,

And, so, I just began to cry!

And, along the way, some chick came by –

And asked me: “WHY YOU WANNA CRY?”

“I can’t find Jesus,” I replied.

She had a glint in her little eye!

“COME – with me!” she said, with a smile.

AND, after we had walked a while,

She threw me down, and we drank from kegs,

And I found Jesus, ‘tween her legs!*

fin. <3

    • Remember, in The Gospel of Thomas, you can find Jesus ANYWHERE – in the sticks, the rocks, and, even, the tall, green grass!**

** – of HOME! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytvcdSzzMds