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Once I swam beneath the sea,

golden sunlight shining down, in

wavering beams of blue and green.

I swam until the Moon appeared,

above the crashing waves, casting

fingers silver gray, that disappeared,

within the shifting current’s breeze.

I pushed aside the swaying grass,

tall and dark Atlantean seed,

until the steps appeared ahead,

in deepest aqua hue, I barely touched

each stony step, slippery with

the clammy fish that schooled

along their sunken beds.

I swam until the brink of Death,

into a sudden gray expanse, a

wide and dim-lit porch of stone,

filled with figures, never ending rows,

draped in coral robes like those, that

gods wear in their secret groves.

Seated last beyond the feet of all

those watery sycophants, I saw a Creature,

shadow-cast, upon an altar, built of bones,

I looked into it’s watery eyes, as it became

aware of me, with penetrating stare, a

silvery diamond-crusted glare.

Blood-filled pupils expand, contract,

with each penetrating shaft of light,

the pupils morphed from rounded

orbs, into a slitted reptile stare,

quickly moving toward me, with

gaping maw of toothsome fare.

I pushed in fright with mortal strength,

legs exhausted, lungs a-fire, and

swam back to the surface bright, to

drag myself back onto land,

once more escaping, nothing more

‘till dreams do come, another night.