LOVE….. 🙄

“ON DOUBTING YOURSELF!” a.k.a.: “OK, Let Us Just Try To Face This All, Like The Cowards We Are!” Tuesday – Feb. 20, 2018

Your can despise all the urgency in your eyes – or you can cover up or minimize – your sighs! – When you gaze at her thighs – and you can make all sorts of little lies – to try to disguise – when “the lover” in you cries – because – there are absolutely no answers to your “WHY”s! – or why a little piece of your human-ness dies – when to try to hide the prize!

There’s a prize for living that has a price attached,

And it’s nothing, my darling – that YOU ever hatched!

It’s JUST that humans can’t help but-fall-in,

LOVE! Again & again & again (& again)!

And then crawl from some hole of passion and remorse,

And call the whole thing A SIN, of course!

Well, I asked a horse

Just what it all means!

The answer?

“You dummy! It’s in her jeans!” *

fin. ❤

“Thank goodness girls are above all this stuff – they do not have any of those sinful tendencies peculiar to men!” ** The Mystic Poet.

    • or is it “genes!?”

** – They have others! 🙂

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