Big Pharma + Doctors Makes Me Sick!”

“BIG BAD CAMEL!” a.k.a.: “02/20/18 Tuesday!

In Jesu’s day, the eating laws were really quite severe,

No pigs or shrimp or camel meat for Jews – this much was clear,

And they would strain their food, to insure no gnats or flies,

Would get into their “holy selves,” “NO SIN FOR US,” They cries!

And Jesus said their “holiness” was-like straining out the gnat!!

THEN – gulping down some camel meat – Now, what-cha think o’ that?

They knew they LIKED TO emphasize,

Those “little squeaky rules,”

BUT – they were mean and greedy – and called “the needy” “FOOLS.”

Well, look at NOW – the U. S. A. (pause)

“Our Medical Advice,”

Stresses taking lots of drugs – but loves to preach brown rice –

AND exercise quite regularly,

BUT – THEN take LOTS of meds,

‘Cause Pharmaceutical-Companies

Lie in doctors’ beds,

And sweet addiction rules the day,

To line “the druggies’” purse!

These companies – they are BAD-camel:



fin. ❤



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