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“Once a year for blood tests; once a year, for Thee!”

Once a year for blood tests, so I can really see!?

Whether I am sick or not – IF sick! THEY have a cure,

So I can fall within (the) range!! (Doth) Our vision suffer blur?

For, when we chose,

To rely,

On charts & tests & ranges,

We overlook THIS saying: (pause)

“Dependency Deranges!”

We seem to have been born,

In-an-age of System Science,

Where everything is like a car –

Needs mechanical reliance!

Of course THE LORD –


Of our good physicians,

And, therefore, we can

Of course


In medical ambitions!

Well, Bible thoughts, as I recall, often go both ways,

A passage here – a passage there – and, then, we choose which stays!

DO trust in men, if you wish – BUT what about your bod?

It has its “way,” so you could say: “The Body we might laud!”

Just trust that, when it feels OK, to let The Sleeping One,

LIE! and, when I feel some pain, I’ll nurse my precious “hon!”

With those old fashioned remedies, like water, sun and rest,

I’ll get fresh air and then I’ll care – Perhaps fresh juice is best!

Perhaps a yearly check-up is-good for-mechanical-devices,

Appropriate, ‘cause we can’t FEEL – if-our-car-is in some crisis!

BUT – we, at least, do seem (pause)

“Connected” to our “frame!”

So we get daily feedback – the body speaks our name!

IF we will only listen and trust in its devices,

We might avoid an awful scene:

Hospitals & their prices!

Don’t get me wrong, for they are there – those places of “man’s healing,”

And, if you wish, to opt for them – at least you’ll know you’re dealing,

With other folks who prob’ly trust that MEDICAL is King!

And wonderful reliance, some health is sure to bring.

BUT, let me just here – offer you – a case-in-point, you’ll see,

That SOMETIMES (at least), my friend(s), we might should disagree!

Here’s one assessment – of these matters:

(That) Sometimes pain’s our friend,

And unless we welcome it, my dears, resistance just might end,

Our body’s valiant efforts, to keep “the engine” going,

Me thinks the body, not the doc, has better ways of knowing,

How to deal with the trauma – we face in daily life,

Here’s a story – of-my-best-friend, whom we shall call “my wife:”




For lack of names, let’s just say – her friend’s name? It was Iris.

And, so, my wife got “shingles,” that stuff, it hurts a LOT!

And she went straight to hospital – they put her in a cot.

And gave her “meds” to ease the pain, and then her kidneys hurt,

So they gave her even more, but, then, a MOLD ALERT!

Sounded! So they moved her (pause)

To another room,

And kept her there, and days dragged on – Was it to be her tomb?

And then another pain emerged, and breathing became hard,

And, then, another set of “meds” – and nurses were on guard,

To insure that she would not – Infect the others there,

Then someone-said: “That’s quite enough! She’s had a lot of ‘care!’”

They shipped her home, she got some sun, and in her bed she lay,

Wondering WHY her visit – had not been nice and gay!

For in hospital, there’s little sun and no fresh air each day,

She rests at home, walks with pets – and now she is OK!

BUT it took nearly 2 weeks Of rest and tender care!

I just think that hospitals –

We might just need beware!

NOW, shingles HURTS – but, maybe, rest –

And liquids through the pain,

Is better than their drugs-and-treatments,

And, then, I might explain:

That exercise and a-little-noise, Might get your body back,

To functioning and flourishing!


fin. ❤

Moral: “Sometimes, lemon and some soda, and other “remedies,” –

Along with water and some sun, will help us grow like trees!”

The Mystic Poet.

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