Book Lovers

Book lovers know thereโ€™s no feeling like getting lost in a great book. Page after page seems to fly by as you get more and more entrenched in the plot and character development. Itโ€™s almost as if youโ€™re in the scenes and participating in the outcome. What you may not realize, however, is this activity […]



โ€œCELLULAR HEALING INTELLIGENCE!โ€ Monday, 02/19/2018. [Recommended!? ๐Ÿ™‚ ] โ€œOnce a year for blood tests; once a year, for Thee!โ€ Once a year for blood tests, so I can really see!? Whether I am sick or not – IF sick! THEY have a cure, So I can fall within (the) range!! (Doth) Our vision suffer blur? […]

Vladimir Horowitz,

Vladimir Horowitz, born in Russia at the beginning of The 20th Century, is recognized as one of the greatest pianists who ever lived! Despite a very “full” career and enthusiastic public reception in, almost, all respects, he, at time, doubted whether he was any good at all and, actually, withdrew from doing any performances, sometimes […]

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