“THE VALUE OF ADVICE!!” 02/19/2018 (Moo-n-Day)

The-longer-you-live, you might just find,

There’s more advice – for you to “mind!”

Like: “STUDY HARD!” Whatever that is!

For HARD’s so hard! It’s like the fizz,

In your soda-pop or sparkly-stuff,

You can’t-really-know


So, you could work yourself to fret,

And, then, just “blow” big tests, I bet!

Or “NEVER LOOK BACK!” Now, what’s that mean?

It’s (one-of)-the-silliest-phrase(s) I’ve ever seen!

People INTERPRET (it): “Don’t return –

To anything that you might spurn!

Or think that you have ‘risen above!’”

Like-the-sacred-religion of “The Dove!”*

It’s like a Jew, who has “gone Buddhist,”

And avoids tradition, like a nudist!

Thing is! SOMETIMES! You might wear clothes!

Like – in the Baptist Church, I think, me knows!

Or, if you get a fine invite, to a MASS on Saturday night,

The roof, for sure, will NOT cave in!

Just because of all your “sin!”

That you’ve compiled, since your “dropping,”

Of The Eucharist – or bad corn-popping!**

NOW – offers of advice are fine,

But, sometimes, people really whine,

That you’re not properly applying,

THEM – and-so-you-hear-this-crying!

From even studied, learned folk,

Who with-so-much-advice, can’t-take-a-joke!

THE THING IS: Advice becomes SERIOUS (ass),

When we are

No longer curious,

To consider WHAT IT really might say,

To apply nothing



So, with much “salt,”


All advice, John Galt,

And apply with-a-little-”common-sense,”


Is worth

About two pence! 🙂

fin. ❤

    • Christian Churches that like to really emphasize “The Holy Spirit,” by focusing on spiritual “gifts,” the sin against IT, the reception of IT and the horrific situation of those without IT!! 🙂 Now, I am not condemning or condoning such religious policies, but people can get a little carried away sometimes! We all do – with all sorts of stuff, since we are such crazy rascals, me thinks! 🙂

** – Some folks avoid ALL corn products, for fear they might be consuming poisonous “GMO Corn,” which is corn that is genetically modified, altering the structure seemingly naturally occurring “in nature.” Now, I am not condemning or condoning such attitudes, but people can get a little carried away sometimes! 🙂

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it!” Mark Twain, a.k.a.: Samuel Langhorne Clemens.


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