“A ROSE FOR ROSE!” a.k.a.: “For YOU, For Valentine’s Day!” Feb. 14, 2018 Wednesday. SEX = Spiritual connEXion! “Part of it is being sexual.“ The Mystic Poet. “All Energy Is Sexual Energy!” Edgar Cayce. For: Lucky! a.k.a.: “CREATURES!”* * – and you know, we’re ALL creatures! 🙂 “We like to bite stuff – sometimes, you bite the people you love, right, Lucky? or you nibble at them – nibble, nibble, nibble – Happy Valentine’s Day!” The Mystic Poet.

Don’t forget! You’re a sexual creature!

This – came through – came-through-from-”my teacher,”

From The Guru – inside of me –

And, in you, for I CAN SEE:

When we make

Ourselves sterile and cool,

We are acting like some fool –

When the ministers preach: “AVOID SIN! DO –

NOT sin – or let him (her) in!”

Well, they’re tellin’ US – to simply DIE –

And wait for Heaven in the sky!

Where others, sterile and zombie-like,

Cry and shriek – and plug the dike,

So, HONEY – You’re so sexy too!

I just love – the sexy you!

fin. ❤