Devil’s DEN

“JUST LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SEEMINGLY TO RELIEVE THE BOREDOM OR GET US BACK 2 THE GARDEN!” a.k.a.: “Searching For That Special Something Or Someone!!” a.k.a.: “Looking For Love!” a.k.a.: “Let’s Go To Church!” Sunday: 02/18/2018.

Disgusted with life? But you can’t walk away!

So, we’ll drink & we’ll cry – use the cell phone all day.

And we like to lie down and talk on for hours,

And drink lots of coffee – and watch “Austin Powers!”

And dream of how things COULD BE – IF we were THERE,

And then-what-would-we-do? Would we still really care,

To do anything else – except text & drink coffee?

And drive in our cars – and eat cho-colate toffee?

And some folks just die, or they think that they can,

But, then, why do that? “Well, I haven’t a plan!”

… to be continued!! not fin. 🙂