“JANIE CAN REALLY SHOOT!” on Odin’s Day – Happy Valentine’s 2018!

Little Janie, on her walk,

With herself – was apt to talk:

β€œGod is Love – always kind,

And-our hands-and-feet, (S)he’ll never bind!

I just love, God – so much,

I’ll pray today – and God will touch,

My little Heart – and make me wise,

And wipe all tear-ies from my eyes!”

So Janie walked – into the wood,

To see what-only-Janie could.

She saw a lion, eat a lamb,

She saw a tree – make-marmalade-jam,

Out of some poor, baby ram!

And Janie cried: β€œWell, damn – yea! Damn!”

She saw destruction – to the max,

And – When-she-returned HOME, she sent a FAX –

To her daddy, In Halifax!

{Le Sigh! Le Sigh!}

β€œDear Papa: You lied to me!

GOD’s an ogre! It’s plain to see!

GOD’s NOT loving, (but)


β€˜Cause IF GOD doesn’t kill – (S)he lets death be,

An endless, horrific symphony!

Why’d you ever say: β€˜GOD IS LOVE!’

When, for supper, YOU shot the dove!

And then we’d eat; we’d dine with glee,

On a-poor-bird’s flesh – Do-you-disagree?”

So, when β€œdaddy”



He explained that GOD just likes to β€œWHIRL!”

Is not-always kind, by our standards,

Sometimes GOD has quite rude mann(d)er(d)s!

The main thing is: β€œGOD LIKES TO PLAY,



IF-life-sucks today – Just-wait-for-tomorrow!”

So, Jamie took


And blew dear dad away,

saying: β€œF – – – You, GOD – I’ll have MY WAY!”

and … IF that don’t make you feel light and gay,

WELL, Jamie wishes everyone – HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY!

fin. <3

β€œYou must not only aim right, but draw the bow with all your might.”

WILD CHILDπŸ’™β€πŸ’™β€πŸ•΄

β€œFOR SOME, IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO BECOME TRULY SEXY!” Thursday, February 15, 2018.

I’ve become THE-DIRTY-OLD-MAN,

I ridiculed, as a child.

The one portrayed on bumper stickers – the one we classified β€œwild!”

The person whom ALL seemed to know,

in-the-small-town – I recall!

Who walked downtown, making-women-cross,

The Street; β€œHe’s got some β€˜gall!’”

I’ve become that loathsome fellow,

The-one we-used-to-hiss-and-boo!


β€œDirty Old Men (pause) Need-Love-Too!”


A poem: “THE VALUE OF LIFE’S ACTIVITIES!” {to make you cry, sing and/or . . . go out and try again!}

Written: Saturday morning, about 7:00 A.M.

The names are changed to protect us . . . All!

Preface: A man came up to me, just the other day, and asked: “What’s It All About, J?” He showed me his resume for the past few decades . . . it was pretty impressive, I thought! After I read it, I gave it back to him . . . and he tore it up . . . AND . . . I wrote this poem . . . about that . . .and stuff, about what I think about HIS life, MY life and YOUR lives, Gentle Readers. Here ’tis:

On a sheet, a resume, depicting “Carl’s” life,
These things and places I did read – I noticed: There’s no wife!
BUT . . . he seemed quite well learned . . . and had gone overseas,
So Carl spoke some languages . . . buzzing of the bees!
We all place certain value, Val-You, on this and that,
Our egos track our history; there seems no turning back,
When everything was said and done, good Carl trashed the sheet,
Is ego ever satisfied . . . ? On this thought, can we meet?
However, Friends, we’re always hardest, hardest on ourselves,
We sometimes tear & curse our lives – put them on the shelves,
And this has certain merit – it makes a little sense,
BUT . . . patting oneself on the back . . . that too is not too dense!
I just think, some fine part of you . . . sees value in your being . . .
And value in the lives of all . . . the eyes of God are seeing!

NO GOD, perhaps, exists for sure, but, still, it MAY be true,
That some, apparent thing like God . . . DOES LOVE ME AND YOU!

The Mystic Poet. 04/08/2017.

P.S.: Y’know, I wonder/IF/upon THE paper that I read that day/
IF there’d been a wife for Carl . . . would-it-have-gone-another-way?
Might Carl then/have saved his sheet . . . put it in a cup?
‘Cause/Maybe/when-there-is-a-lover . . . life’s value goes WAY UP!,d.cGc

Dedicated to: The Fonz

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