Disband the N. R. A.?!👀👀👀👀

“FIGHT! with THE PRINCe-iples OF PEACE!” a.k.a.: “Let’s Get Comfortable!” 02/13/2018 – Twos Dai! 🙂

“Christians” LOVE to talk about IT – (to) talk about Armageddon!

Postulate and speculate when Jesus’ll come from Heaven!!

With mighty sword and victory cries and angels, armed for battle,

And THEY will fight for all our souls!

‘Cause we’re a bunch o’ cattle!*

Now, I’m just asking – questions here (pause)

About Heaven’s Might!

IS a nice, big war, a nice, big war – Something “Outta-sight!!?”

And Jesus, as commander, doth fill you with fine hope?

Well, here is a reminder of one who liked to mope,

When talks of peace and kindness-overshadowed thoughts of war,

Way back then, in Jesus’ day, when veils He did tore,

Plus notions of great battles – and vanquishing THE FOE!!

It was Judas-I, who got so down, with his “fondnesses” laid low!

‘Cause he was all so “up in arms,” about those words of peace,

And, so, he went to make report – to scribes and Pharisees!

And they said: “Do not worry! We’ll have a chat – with HIM,

Who’s spreading words of peace and joy – we-too-don’t-like-His-whim!

We’re with YOU, blessed Judas, WE LIKE THESE TALKS OF WAR,

For GOD must lead great battle – Shake-Romans-to-the-core!

Anyway, my “Christian” friends, who like to ponder fray,

Perhaps you might adjust your sights;

Disband the N. R. A.?!

fin. ❤

    • or sheep … baaa, humbug!! 🙂


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