“IN-SERVICE!!!” a.k.a.: “Balanced Life?!” MoonDAY: 02/12/2018 Advice from our 45th President?: {Not really!! He never gave such good advice!!!}

Do-Bee-of-service, but don’t forgi(e)t,

A little jealous, hissy fit!

Is good for folks – and healthy too!

To keep a balanced life for you!

‘Cause, if there is no time to s – – – w,

You will soon be very blue!

So, get real selfish, some of the time,

And, if they complain, tell ‘em: “Why-’m

I always, always helping You?

I got myself – and I’m-needy too!

And – IF the “righteous”-say “Jesus-always-helped-the-poor,

The suffering, the down-trodden – TELL THEM MORE:

Tell ‘em (that) “He sometimes took a trip,

To the desert, (pause) TO BE HIP!

To re-charge and-to-forget-the-needy,

Folks who’re ALWAYS ACTING kinda GREEDY!”

Tell ‘em: “Yes, Jesus was a good, old elf,

But sometimes needed time for self!”

Do-bee of service, but not as a sap,

Not as a door-mat – for that’s-a-bunch-o’-crap!

And, if you’re told that you must try harder,

Tell ‘em: “YOU! (pause)


fin. ❤


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