I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.😁


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  1. “THE STONE” The rarest jewel available was “up-for-sale” one day – Believe-it-or-not, Fine-feathered Friends, I got it on E-bay. It was a perfect, flawless crystal! I-got it for “a song,” And, then, this expert gem-stone guy, well, Friends, he came along – And magnified my prize (pause) 100 thousand times – And THERE, My God, I saw it! A FLAW! I hate all crimes! But this one was especially (pause) heinous in my sight – My perfect, flawless gemstone did not reflect The Light!? With perfect, blessed radiance, and, so, I sold the stone! I sold it to the jeweler, who left me all alone! The way I’d been before, My Friends! Without my perfect mate – I used the money from the sale, to drink and stay up late. Well, months passed by and one sad night, I noticed on E-bay, my stone was up again for sale – the-description is did say: “Here’s a jewel, just for you – it has the perfect GRADE, Yet, there’s IMPERFECTION, But that it how it’s made! Without the imperfection, The Light will not get in! The cost? Is everything you have! Just TAKE IT ON THE CHIN!” Well-I, I called-the-“crook appraiser,” and He-answered right away; His shop was “Satan’s Imports;” And this is what He’d say: “For YOU, there is no price! You’ll have to sell YOUR SOUL, If you want your “precious” back – and-it’s-just-a-chunk-o’-coal!! But I am holding it for you, So come and get your prize!” I got myself real ready – a greedy person flies! Away to find their “perfect” stone, To have and hold forever! I was ready to give-it-all -’cause I’m so very clever. When SUDDENLY THERE, at my door, a Texas Cowboy stood – with a broad and cheeky smile – He said: “I knew you would, Fall for Satan’s “sales pitch,” ’cause pitch forks are His trade, But I am here to warn you, dear – mistakes, they can be made! When people THINK they have a SOUL or need a precious thing – It can be temptation – Sorrow it can bring! The only jewel, darling, flawless, with a flaw, is simply YOU! Yes, little you – It came from mom and pa! When THEY conceived their little girl, with love lights in their eyes – they made the perfect jewel! Try THIS on for size: “PERFECT-AND-NOT, EXIST TOGETHER, IN THIS WORLD OF FLUFF, AND IT SHOULD BE SO RECOGNIZED, THIS STATE IS QUITE ENOUGH! TO KEEP YOU HAPPY AND SECURE, AND MISERABLE TO BOOT! BUT THAT’S THE WAY A HUMAN IS – NOW ISN’T THAT A HOOT!” And, when my Texas Cowboy, got done with his fine speech, he touched his angel on the cheek and took me to the beach, and there we walk forever, soaking in The Sun – I have no need for jewels! My search is finally done! fin.

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