“YA GOTTA WANNA!” Forevermore.

STRIVE!” a.k.a.: “You Gotta Wanna!” a.k.a. too: “Let’s All Keep Our Jobs!” February 5, 2018

RICHARD MENTI, My-Coach at school:

Football! Wrestling! He-was no fool (?)

A sign was on the-locker-room-door:

“YA GOTTA WANNA!” Forevermore.

Grab that football, 2-a-days!

Hit the (you) Dummy – Run THE MAZE!

Be somebody; not a “rat,”

Like those “greasers!” Ain’t-where-it’s-at(?)

Menti’s Notion: BE LIKE ME!

A CHAMPION – is what you’ll see!! ?

Compete and Strive and “Make Your Mark!”

Get “your auto” out of “park!”

I’ll motivate – and make you me,

GRADUATE! (Be) “All-You-Can-Be!!”

Then, you-can-enlist – be a Marine,

Best dang soldier I’ve ever seen!

Learn TO FIGHT, with pride and joy,

Keep your job! And Lose The Boy!

fin. ❤