“NON-BELIEF” 01/05/2018 “I don’t believe in a next life!” Ed Lauer said-to-me! “I don’t believe in an afterlife!” He seemed to have such glee! I don’t-even believe in THIS life!” And the others walked away. But I stayed with ONE E.L., And we began to pray. And it occurred To me, On that shining, golden […]


“YA GOTTA WANNA!” Forevermore.

“ STRIVE!” a.k.a.: “You Gotta Wanna!” a.k.a. too: “Let’s All Keep Our Jobs!” February 5, 2018 RICHARD MENTI, My-Coach at school: Football! Wrestling! He-was no fool (?) A sign was on the-locker-room-door: “YA GOTTA WANNA!” Forevermore. Grab that football, 2-a-days! Hit the (you) Dummy – Run THE MAZE! Be somebody; not a “rat,” Like those […]


“YOU GOTTA TRY!” a.k.a.: “Just Causes!” a.k.a.: “HELP People – EVEN IF They Just Wanna Sleep!” a.k.a.: “We’re ‘Sawing Logs’ Here! Please Don’t Bother Us! This Here’s ALL The Work We Need! Well, You Did Say: ‘Use Your Hands;’ Isn’t This Good Enough? Saw, Saw, Saw!” Jesus said: “Come Walk With Me! In-The-Land-Of-Love, In-The-Land-Of-The-Free!” “BUT […]


“BEING YOUR OWN GOD?! Monday (02/05/2018) People! Playing subtle games? Getting close?! {To Re-arrange!?} And – take advantage of “Their Friend!” CON TROLL GAMES! THEY NEED TO END! When I hear: “You’re MY Friend, And I don’t fear Your will to bend! So, I’ll be OPEN! AND QUITE BLUNT – Let’s-analyze YOUR FAULTS, And HUNT, […]

Mr Flubbermuffins!

“FLUBBERMUFFINS!” Moon – Day, Feb. 5, 2018 We’s all a bunch o’ Flubbermuffins! How’d we get this far? I’m so confused! And so are you! And Trump has “raised the bar!” Flubbermuffins! Flubbermuffins – We don’t know who we are! We’re just a bunch of fine debris, Floating in this “endless sea!” Of cesspools And […]

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