“ALEX W-A-S DOWN!!” Thursday February 1, 2018

He said (that) he-lost his girlfriend,

And-was feelin’-a-little-down!

I said: “Come-now!-Wipe-that-sadness-away- Come-on!- Lose that frown!”

“Cause I knew “the whole story,” and he-was-doing-fine,

You see,

HIS GIRL-likes-his-mom:

Which is a real-GOOD-SIGN!


IF your girl likes your MOM!

(Thus) You have naught to worry about,

Whether Alex, Vince – or-Tom!

‘Cause when your girl likes ma-ma – you’ve got her for life!

She will make a fine help-mate –

Might-even be your wife!

So, just look pretty and smile a bit,

And Alex’ll always

Be A Hit!

‘Cause when your wife and mom are “tight,”

You’re “in-like-Flint,”

Go “fly a kite!”

fin. ❤


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