“BATHROOMS!” {from the “When I Was Just A Little, Black Shoeshine Boy” series!} {please read like Forrest Gump! Thank you!} Wednesday Jan. 10 ‘18

I love bathrooms, ‘cause you can poo! I love bathrooms (ILB)

{they have} Rose Spray too!

ILB – (I can) Hide From “YOU!”

(IF yu)


Yu-can “coochy-coo!”

Outta bathrooms?


Hold pee-pee – and don’t be late!

Work pretty hard – and produce a lot,

Out Here?

(I) Can’t find a pot!

P.S.: Girls like bathrooms,

(Almost) as- much-as-me!

‘Cause GIRLS,


Like to pee!

But (pause)

Girls lock bathrooms! They got the key! ‘Cause they like discomfort –



like me?!

fin. <


The Most Dangerous thing to this Poem is that even a Blind person can make it impossible to say no to a woman who is in a state of constant lovemaking. She is SAFE and Don’t Drink. Back to you Sir 😊😊


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