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“ETERNAL LOVE!” a.k.a.: “Jammy + Ji!” Saturnalia – 01/20/2018 <3

The Girl’s Lament:

I want to die while-you-love-me,

While YET, you hold me fair!

While laughter is upon my lips,

And LIGHTS are in my hair!

I want to die while-you-love-me,

And bear to that still bed,

Your kisses! Turbulent, unspent!

To warm me, when I’m dead!

I want to die while-you-love-me,

Oh, who would care to live!

‘Til love has nothing more to ask,

And nothing more to give!

The Boy’s Response:

I want-to-be-dead, while you love me!

And, NOW, My Sweet, do-you-see?

We’re-already-dead, My Lovely Girl,

We’re vampires, you and me!!

So-we-have-good-teeth! And wear cool clothes!

And we DO like our fresh blood!

But, we can love forever –

And sleep in spice and mud!

I love to be dead, while you love me,

‘Cause you are super strong!

And we can cuddle and bite each other,

And have vampire sex real long!

fin. <3