J Jay Samuel Davis


Although laetrile, concentrated amygdalin, is controversial (well, I am not sure it is THAT controversial!!), relating to cancer treatment, it is CLEAR that the medical establishment wishes to discount ANY possibility that there is ANY substance that even, possibly, MIGHT actually help to promote the body to fight cancer. The prevailing medical notion, for decades, is simply: “Yes, we can treat it . . . with what we can promote and sell to you, man-made and expensive. Be afraid; very afraid – of this terrible disease that can ONLY be put ‘in remission,’ which makes it similar to alcoholism!”

i.e.: “Once you are an alcoholic, you will ALWAYS be an alcoholic! Get used to it because WE say so.”

In any case, it might be recalled that Edgar Cayce, the so-called ‘Sleeping Prophet’ noted that ONE almond a day {which would be an ACTUAL, unmodified, non-irradiated, raw almond, which is ALL they had back in the 1930’s and 40’s} would prevent any cancer.
The point here is that such an almond WOULD have the chemical amygdalin. IF you, therefore, had one almond each day, arguably, the substance would accumulate in your tissues, helping to strengthen the body’s natural immune system and keep cancer ‘at bay!’ Realize, too, that EVERYONE, arguably, from birth to death has cancer cells inherent in them.
When a person’s immune system becomes weak(er), they then, arguably, ‘develop’ cancer, which is perhaps an inadequate way of saying that the body has become imbalanced, no longer able to keep the cancer cells balanced, so as to avoid the spread of cancer through the body. Realize that ALL cells, not just cancer cells, are competing for body resources all the time!
Anyway, NOW I can ready myself for being attacked as: (1) NOT a medical doctor (TRUE! So what!) and (2) NOT knowing what I am talking about!
Well, OK! None-the-less, it is not that difficult, say, to buy a few apricots, say, on a regular basis, take the pit out and tap it with a hammer to get what looks like an almond and is, actually, tasty and fairly soft to chew and eat one every day! That seed has as much amygdalin as any seed of that type , including an almond, has, I believe! Yes, I believe the medical community has, at least, tried to establish that this seed IS poisonous! Well, I AM SURE if you ate enough of them (like a whole bunch, everyday) for a long enough period of time, it could have “poisonous consequences!” Pretty much anything could. However, what is it you are eating – it’s a seed! Plant it and, if it has not been irradiated too much, it will grow an apricot tree! Horrors! Anyway, what is the harm of trying such a “therapy” in conjunction with any cancer treatment, which uses OBVIOUSLY poisonous compounds, a person might be engaging in anyway?!

Yes, I am NOT a medical doctor, and this is NOT any prescription or medical advice . . .

It is just a suggestion! Take it as you will! Here’s to YOUR health – AND peace of mind.

P. S.: The AMYGDALA, by the way, in case you remember that term from anatomy class in high school, is a group of cells located in the brain, part of the so-called limbic system. Why would the ancient Greeks name this substance amygdalin? Well, I do not know; however, the amygdalae are considered to be key parts of the brain, important in decision-making, and emotional response.

YOU figure it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

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