“BED LINEN!” 01/30/2018 (2′s {4} Today!)

A white pillow case and a black, loose nightgown,

The smell of white linen, is just all around,

Your skin is so white – or Is it jet black?

Whatever your shade, I’m not going back,

Black souls or white, with tears in your eyes,

And laughter-in-your-breath – I won’t ‘pologize,

For craving and longing and needing you so,

Your cool ambi(a)ence; I’m out of control!

Tight, black silk undies, drenched in perfume,

Make-things just Heavenly – we’re NOT in your room!

We’re up on the roof or over the Moon,

And I will be coming – into you soon,

And, when it “seems” finished, and-I’m sure we’re both dead,

I look in our mirror –

And see just one head! 🙂

fin. ❤