“WHAT SOME ‘BIRDS’ CAN GET FOR ‘2018!’ ” a.k.a. : “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s Sister!”

A girl with leopard glasses

Came by one Winter’s Day;

She was a long-haired feline and had-surely come to play!

Her purpose was exploratory – perhaps to find a mate!

Permission to “pet” kitty! Let’s hope I am good bait!

Catnip! It is painless – and brings on many changes.

Well, I’m a bird, so flock with me, my Love – my “chirp” deranges!

Her claws were long and sharp and quick,

But I’ve thick skin – ‘twas just a prick!

A few red drops did hit the ground, but it was just a trickle!

“Oh, my, my Dear, do you know why – your stabs, they only tickle?”

She snarled and pounced, to trap her prey,

But-I-wasn’t-there! I’d flown away!

Next morning, when the fur had cleared, I fluttered back – I reappeared!

To find poor kitty, drenched in tears:

A sad and lonely cat with fears!

“Why’d you leave?” she purred, choked up;


“Some time alone – was needed, Love;

So you might miss your snow white dove!

(for-) I flew away – to yonder witch – to have her cast a spell!!”

With that, no kitty in the glass; we knew that all was well!

For, in the night, a spell was cast – Now, Kitty has a bill!

For only 20-and-18-cents, she’s now a whip-poor-will!

So, Whip-poor-will and Snow White Dove recited wedding vows!

And birds-of-a-feather-will-flock-together, and some birds can make meows!

fin. ❤