“IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!” 01/26/2018 – Friday.

Well, NOW (pause)


That “GOD” will step in? IF-you-sit-still-or-pray?

That there’re these HAPPY ENDINGS!? at the end of the day?

Sew (pause) Your (pause) Seeds?

You say?

And trust That PROVIDENCE will show The Way;


DIVINITY OR THE FORCE, will not betray,


To-some: Demented-State-of-Disarray?

WELL, Yes (pause) and NO (pause) – Yea! (pause) and (pause) Nay! 🙂

(1) IT has (pause) already-“turned out”-OK;

(2) BUT – the-only-thing-on-which-to-pray,

(3) Is YOU! AND – There-is-no-night-or-day;

(4) ‘Cause IT’s ALL dependent – on what YOU say!

(5) And this stuff about religion and “show me the way,”

(6) Is camouflage! and Judas would never betray,

JESUS; and

(7) NEITHER is The UNIVERSE-ordered –



There’s nothing here, including this poem –

Listen! Now! Will HANDSOME*

Neigh!? 🙂

fin. ❤

  • : Our favorite, handsome horse, named Handsome, who waits at the corners of 4th Street and Lockhart Avenue and/or “B” Street . . . for an apple … or a carrot … or a kind word … or a touch on the nose! “We love you, Handsome!’ “Good pooch!” Oh, and Mr. Ed is Handsome’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. What a lineage!


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