“THE ONE WHO WAITS!” a.k.a.: “ So Happy! To See You!” Fry Day 01/26/2018.

Our tired Allied soldiers, were there, at Auschwitz’s Gates,

When we spied this one lone prisoner, the one who always waits,

‘Midst blood, (and) discolored urine (pause) And vile-decomposition,

6 million war-torn bodies, In varied trans-si-i-tion!

Yet, just this one prisoner,

We saw that fateful morn,

So thin And so frail,


One shake-y prisoner, ‘Cause the place, it was so cold,

He stood with quite the smile! We thought that he was bold!

And, as we approached, his voice we all heard:

“You’re here! Yippee-doo-dah!” he said, just like a bird.

He smiled,

And brightest sunshine

Came out from his eyes,

And he was simply waiting, amidst all of these lies!

Of sad, human suffering – and cruelty so true,

But, he was NOT suffering;

And he wasn’t blue,

He was just waiting –

Accepting this day,

And a few of our soldiers – got down to pray:

To one frail, Jewish boy, whose love caught our souls:

And blessed all German soldiers –

And us-guys, out on patrol!.

fin. ❤