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“SAVE MY TROY!” A HIStory LESSon? Monday, January 22, 2018

We’ll return, for a moment, to wars over YOU,

Oh, Helen of Troy –

Please-please don’t be “blue!”

Troy could not save, could not save even Thee,

Can’t save himself, as he falls to one knee!

With HIS clever plan

And a twist of a lever,

Troy can’t protect –

You’re clever endeavor!

We thought Troy (VII) was fine – so true and so good,

But, Dears, we DID know – That

He never could!

Protect from disaster?

He’s bloody well British!

It might have been better IF he could speak Yiddish!

Troy is assured!

With manners,

And tea!

But he has no business

To-protect you and me!

Troy, Oh, my Troy: You are such a(n) “hunk,”

So proper and perfect – and filled with such “bunk!”

To fool poor Helen –

And ride on her trunk!

And-make cyber-decisions!

You smell like a skunk!

And Helen, poor Helen, is deep in your junk! (pause)

Troy! What a BOY! What a clever decoy! (Back to our regularly scheduled programming!)

So, your “fragrance” ain’t noticed, since you’re way overseas!

But Helen’ll be “over ya,” when you haven’t THE keys!

She’ll leave stinky Troy and go where she belongs,

And Troy will fade out, like the weak chime of gongs!

Toodle Loo, Oh-Fine Troy –

Here’s a tip of the hat!

What will you do now – And


Think o’ THAT?!

“Cyber Investigators! Can’t live with ‘em; can’t live without ‘em! Maybe!” The Mystic Poet. 🙂

fin. ❤