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“OUR TALK!” 01/23/2018 Tuesday!

I talked with Jesus, late last night,

He said: “You’re ABSOLUTELY right!

There ain’t not Heaven – Hell is (also) NOT;

It’s all a diabolic plot!

Set-up-by-the-girls – To scare their men,

Toward booze – And stupidity,

Yet, even then!

“The girls” might gain the upper hand (not room!)

And cry at night, BUT (do) understand:

They watch their men-folk squirm and wheeze,


“Yes, Thank-you and, like, PLEASE!”

Otherwise, well,

It’s not a bad ol’ plan,

It keeps some guys (sometimes) from “raising their hand,”

And striking their wives’ pout-y pusses!

(As such, those guys’re-a-bunch-of-silly-wusses!)



And wash their hands,

And not be “a sinner!!”

Well, anyways, you’re right! BUT do not gloat,

‘Cause that’s not all “SHE” ever wrote:

(aside) [So, love your wife, ‘cause she can FLOAT! And, some day, you-might-need-her-“sailing-boat!”*]

She’ll bless you life from “A to Zee,” A girl’s (a) real good (thing)!

Take it from me! 🙂

fin. ❤

  • : to cross THE GOLDEN RIVER! Whoopee! 🙂