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“ENTRANCE FEE!” 01/23/2018 (Tuesday is … well … ed!)

I-know-some-people-in-my-town –

Who wear some (decal) crosses – on their “crown!”

And I-think, They-think, This will justify,

Their ENTRANCE FEE, By & by!

That (somehow) they are “Heaven Bound,”

And, that, St. Peter, with resound-

(pause) ING Call,


However, on GOOD author–ity,


They torture, harass & do-”red neck”-things,

Stuff – That – Other Things It Brings!!

Well, I got-me-some-news – Some News, for ALL:

(1) There’s NO Heaven; (2) There’s No CALL; and

(3) IF Heaven WAS (is), (well) St. Peter’s resigned!

And put my-friend Brian – to check “The Assigned!”

And, if and when, “The Cross-e r s” Cross,

The Golden River and THINK (pause) The Boss,

Is Peter or Jesus or The Marquis de Sade,

Well, SURPRISE! They’ll find Brian’s tortured “bod!”

And – Will-he-let-em-in?- I Just Ain’t Sure!

But – My-guess-is: He’ll-give-’em-per-

MISSION – To So, so Embark,

Into that Glorious Heavenly Park!

Thing is: IF your heart’s not pure-and-good,

It’ll be HELL – in Heaven’s “Wood!”

The pressure and the seasons will be so hard,

They’ll rue the day – they-tortured

My-’pard’ !

They’ll scream and shout, just like he did,

And suffer – until – their bloody lid,

Of sorrow, hate and unkind deeds,

(And I-don’t-know where all this leads!)

But, My guess is – IF Brian hears,

He’ll save them from their hideous tears!

He’ll come – and get them all away,

And serve them dinner – And they’ll cry all day and give him their crosses – and apologize,

And Brian’ll smile! “Cause he wears-no-disguise! 🙂

fin. ❤



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