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“SOMETIMES SHE DOESN’T REALLY NEED A STAY-AT-HOME DADDY; SHE NEEDS ESCORT SERVICE!” a.k.a.: “Sir Burrus,* In Search Of Fairer Game(s)!” Sunday: January 21, 2018.

“Let’s be blunt!”

“Well, by all means!”

“You don’t FIT!”


“Sira, sira, I fire you! As my husband, you just won’t do!

Yet, I’ll-need your fine remarks And talents –

I hear some barks!* and where’s my balance?

From-The-Ethers, there is this dog,

at-The-Gates Of Hades’ lonely bog!

Please consider, but-NOT-at-my-side,

I need something –

Behind-TO HIDE!

I AM Talking! NOW-to-me,


Well, let me see: (pause)

It might be-about my banking-account,

Or – My Man,

Or – My “Mount!”

Yet, ALL are one, my pet, my Dove,

Please! Won’t-you-be MY CANINE LOVE!?

fin. ❤

*: Cerberus! The poochie, guarding The Gates To Hell! Woof, woof!