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“LITTLE BOY LAME(O)NT!” Saturday 01/20/2018.

I’m just a little boy, trying to get by –

In a world where MANY, don’t see eye-to-eye!

With all the fine, fine folks – who love the(ir) heavy yokes,

They place upon the shoulders

Of people, they like to coax!



Purveyors –


I wonder HOW they sleep at night!

Or – IF they ever could!

I’m pretty sure I never know the proper kinds of things to do,

To please the people in this World, who like to gripe and sue!

I fear I fail to like them, so sure of their opinions,

I wonder:

Is their truest nature (not) far below most minions?!

When I got to sleep, I wonder if I shall awake,

And, if and when I open eyes, a startle will I take:

Because, it seems, each day,

When I kick the covers off,

Their wondrous dreams of Love and War –

perpetuate my cough! 🙂

fin. ❤


Do we live in a perfrect world🎲 or is it the dice we play🃏

Thought for the day ♣🤗