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“SPECIAL WOMAN ANGEL!” Freya’s Day – January 19, 2018

My SPECIAL-WOMAN-ANGEL has come to be with me,

She said: “I’m here to care for you,” and then she goes, “Tee-hee!”

My special woman angel, she floats around all day,

Kissing-on-my-cheeks; whispering “You’re OK!” 🙂

But there are something else-she-does,

Of which I seldom speak:

My special woman angel can TICKLE


‘Cause, when she tackles on me, I giggle and I shake!

And she thinks that’s hilarious,

To see me laugh and quake!!

I get some darned excited, in every single way,



She turns-a-on my Love Light when she strokes me sweet!

She tickles up and down and there,

Ev-en-my-little feat!

fin. ❤