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“SPECIAL MUSIC IN THE EARLY MORNING HOURS WITH YOU!” Friday: 01/19/2018 a.k.a.: “The Snoring Poem!”

When you snore, it’s SPECIAL MUSIC!

It is your Ode to Joy!

For, my Darling, when I hear (it), I KNOW you’re with THIS boy!

I listen, knowing-you’re-here-with-me, and it is ONLY YOU I see,


RELAXED & (pause)

SNORING! (pause)

And it is NEVER boring! 🙂

And I can just-listen and consider, just so how much I love you! ❤

Your sounds inspire poetry, and set my soul at peace,

And, as you snore methodically, I feel the air you breathe!

I close my eyes and know:


Just angels snore!

The joy I feel can NEVER leave –

I only ask for more!

fin. ❤