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“A THOUSAND DEATHS!” Thursday 01/18/2018

“I’m SURE to die today!

It could Happen!” This – I say,

And sadness, ever present, curls my hair!

“There was a time when I –

Didn’t mind to die –

BUT, now, I’ve-found-you and-so,

Now, I care!

It’s a fine trick of the draw, when you reach your best, last straw,

That, sometimes, Mother Nature steps right in,

And introduces YOU – to someone really TRUE,

And, SUDDENLY! you leap from the trash bin!

So, grab me, hold me, kiss me, mold me (pause)

PERHAPS- we’ve only got a little while?!

To set The World on fire,

And thwart Death’s funeral pyre,

Take me!

And destroy me with your smile! 🙂

fin. ❤