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THIS is the place that “gives and takes,”

Just test it out, for goodness’ sakes!

THIS is the place where IN-sane be

THE NORMAL STATE – for you and me;

When “ALL” plucks off a chunk of IT!

And might-even give it, to The Pit!

Where self-aware will never spring,

So, comfort has NO diamond ring!

OR – Is this The place of Self Aware! so you can

Be BIG GOD – opt.: (1) Beware! (2) We Dare!


And write a perfect Divine Song,

And have-private-moments – and keep-secrets-long,

Until we die(?) – then – “POOF?” No song!?

‘Cause we be animals, with mirrors stained!

We THINK o’er-this-world – that we have reigned!

When, in fact, we’re MORE than pawns,’

‘Cause we don’t think – The “gods” are cons,

Or that every thought and every wish

Is NOT from some fine sat – llite dish!

At least the plants don’t strain to see,

The GLORY that The Lord MUST be –

And animals (pause)

Just get along,

And chew & bump & sing their song –

And we THINK our song’s better still!

Well, HONEY, here’s a(n) humble pill!

fin. ❤


Kiss me ONCE – don’t say a word –

Kiss again – NO (it’s), NOT absurd –

Kiss and cuddle – cry in vain,

For-I can never ease your pain,

Of trying to improve this place.

This is THAT ONE: “The Crying Place!” ❤

“BAD STUFF? Can Come Out Of Your Head!” January 16, 2018 (2-SSS-Day)

Even-without-the-flu (pause)

I’m tellin’ you –

Bad-stuff can come outta-your-head!

No!-I do not mean lies!

Or incredible sighs!

These are NOT things to much dread!

No, I’m talkin’ ‘bout words!

That can melt big ice bergs!



And a head can EXPLODE!

IF you unleash that load,


Unto a sensitive Tweet!

Just do, please, beware, Before you so tear,

Out with incredible angst!

That you’ll hurt them AND you, and you’ll probably rue,

Op’ning that big, putrid crank-st! 🙂

Ta-ta! 🙂

fin. ❤


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