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“TINY!” a.k.a.: “Be Good, Tiny; Please Be Good – Don’t Take Over The Bloody World, Just Yet,Tiny! Please, Don’t Eat Us! Tiny?!” 01/17/2018

Learn to be

What-you’re-not =


KINDLY, Consistent, Decent and True!

Never lose temper(s) AND be reas-nable –


And-be-helpful, and we will love YOU!

Enforce-ALL-the-laws-That good-judges-and-cops,

Give to you – jump-through-their-hoops, Learn your hops!

And, as you get older, get sicker and weak!

So you can go lie in hospitals-that-reek,

Of-expectations-and-cultures-of-men, who really-don’t-care-if-you-GET-WELL again!

Just keep up that smile, UNLESS we say: “FROWN!”


(Be) CONSTANT – be humble – and down!

In short, Little Tiny, by-the-time-you-get-BIG,

You won’t be much human,

And I’ll be a-pig!*

fin. ❤ We Love You, Tiny; have mercy on us. {Bark, bark!} Thank-you, Tiny!

  • : See, e.g., in “The Adventures of Ulysses,” where WE stopped by to see The Witch’s island, where nearly everyone, indulging in the fine food(s), hospitality and beauty of HER – self, found themselves becoming more and more like pigs, dull, slovenly, and grunting with desire and appreciation for the next installment of pig slop. It was a wonderful trip – it always is! We WERE saved, however; the moment that vixen lifted her dress, we all became … wolves! 🙂