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“ALIENS!” 01/16/2018 (Tuesday)

They’re JUST as clumsy as we are, AND don’t-know-what’s-goin’-on! (really!)

They’re here today, and, yes, tomorrow! They are often gone!

So, maybe their technology, it MIGHT have some advantage!

BUT – it fails and erodes. Replacements? from THEIR Santa-ge!

AND! They don’t know Alfie or what it’s all about,

With organizED “structures,” like churches; they still pout

‘Bout “keeping the peace,” and, when-they’re-not-here,

They THINK they’re superior, with no-visible-care!

PLUS! They’re paranoid – ‘bout reality!

It could fizzle OBLIVIOUS – fall-into-the-sea,

So, they’re trying to keep things-in-place

All day too!


They DO like to poo! (too)

{I mean, doesn’t that kinda put things into perspective a bit?! Aliens! Can’t live with ‘em; can’t live with them ?😁